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FISULAB is a joint effort of professionals who contribute their time to the rehabilitation of those who need it. With an affectionate welcome, swift paperwork, or impeccable surgery we seek above all the well-being of people through warm, specialized and comprehensive processes. We are convinced that one must give in order to receive, and each of us gives our best and is rewarded in turn with gratitude, love, results and, especially, with the satisfaction of witnessing the transformation of the lives of those who enter through our door.

At Fisulab we provide Comprehensive Rehabilitation

We work with the firm purpose that all children and adults born with cleft lip or cleft palate have the opportunity to live a life without constraints

Cleft Palate

We perform different procedures according to your needs


Prevention and promotion of activities that will help you improve your personal and family well-being

Comprehensive Rehabilitation

We have an Interdisciplinary Team of Professionals and Specialists available

With your support we build a better future

Each contribution is valuable, we have different alternatives to contribute with our workforce

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Human beings that laugh full of confidence and self care

Consultation with our healthcare professionals

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