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You can make a difference to children and their families

Your contribution is essential to avoid the lack of self-esteem, child abuse, school dropout and bullying prevention and many situations related to the personal, social and family context.

With your support we can performance surgeries, provide emotional support from baby’s birth, dental treatments, orthodontics, speech therapy, otolaryngology, psychology, accompaniment of professionals, workshops, activities, among other services that we can only achieve with your support.

Economic Donation in pesos

Make your contribution we have all the payment methods

Economic Donation in dollars

Make it through Global Giving. A platform that connects non-profit organizations, donors and companies in almost every country in the world. We are Top-Ranked for our Management.

Technology Waste Donation

We collect the items and waste you no longer need: appliances, technology, batteries, computers and many more. We can do it with a point in your facilities or if you prefer you can bring them to Fisulab.


You are a professional and want to contribute to Fisulab. Contact us!

Social Ally

Get involved in the development of our different projects, through your Corporate Social Responsibility Program:
  • Systematization and technology
  • Early childhood programs
  • Educational workshops
  • Improvement of infrastructure

Spread the messege

Become an official spokesperson for this social work and help us spread the word about our foundation.

Follow us, give like and share so that more people can get to know and support the children of the Fisulab Community


Give away bonuses for the best purpose: Birthdays, Births, Condolence and Thanksgiving Celebrations