Cleft Palate Comprehensive Care

Cleft Palate Comprehensive Care

Cleft palate is a congenital defect that occurs when the lateral segments that must join during the embryo phase to form the palate do not do so, allowing communication between the nasal cavity and the oral cavity.

It often appears related to a cleft lip. However, a cleft palate may also occur in an isolated manner. It is estimated that isolated cleft palate incidence is 1 in (out of) 2000 live births, and it is more frequent in females.

The child learns to live with his malformation, but he cannot live well unless he is convinced that his parents find him fully worthy of being loved …; if the parents, being aware of the child’s defect, love him, he can be sure that others, in the future, will love him too. This belief allows him to live well today and to look forward with faith to the years to come.

Bettelheim, 1992

Who is born with a Cleft Palate… ?


Palate formation occurs around the 6th week of gestation and may take up to the 9th week.


A cleft palate requires early attention at an interdisciplinary center specialized in this area.


Ideally, surgical correction should be performed between 9 and 12 months of age, before language consolidation.


Any consequences related to facial growth and the middle ear should also be managed promptly with the intervention of the interdisciplinary team.

Patients with cleft lip or palate have the right to develop a life project with quality

Specialized Comprehensive Management


Workshops and Early Childhood (infancy)

Speech Therapy

Language Development, Teletherapy, Diagnosis, and VFI Management.

Plastic Surgery

Chronological Reconstruction


Promotion and Prevention, Interceptive / Corrective Orthodontic Treatment, Periodontics

Ear, Nose and Throat

Care of Middle Ear and Hearing



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